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Marmalade tips

To make  varied marmalades in your Kotlich, add  chopped ginger to one batch, grapefruit skins to another and try the jolly three fruits, orange, lemon and grapefruit.  Cook outside in your Kotlich to add that smokey flavour.  Keep the mess out of the kitchen.  You won't regret it.



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Rabbit Paprikas with Kiseli Kupus

Wanted to start my New Years Blog with a flourish, all ingredients gathered for homely comforting dish.  Rabbit, kiseli kupus, ( sour kraut}, bacon, onion, crushed hot paprika and red kidney beans.  Oh dear, suprise wet snow fall, raw day and flaming sore throat.  So......cooked in the oven slowly instead, in my unglazed pottery casserole  from Southern Serbia.  All guests thought my home made secret ingredient (kiseli kupus) was spot on.   This pic. is of pheasant cooked before Christmas!



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