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Two Kotlich at oncechopping the oranges

It was really almost more than we could manage what with the fires burning so unevenly.  The Marketting Manager, despite a steadily detiriorating back, kept the wood coming.  We managed 80lbs on Saturday.  Lots of running around, both chili and ginger batches done.  NO where to store all this wonderful gooooo!



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The wood pile
Rob and wood pileIt is really important to have a good supply of free wood for Kotlich cooking.  Ours is a pile of small to not so small bits of one year 

old Ash.  Surprisingly it is still a bit damp.  We have discovered that to keep a steady fire for boiling Marmalade, the wood needs to be a bit chunkier.  The fire has been flaring up and then dying down.  It has taken quite a while to reach setting point.  The Marketting Manager is very good at breaking sticks and bringing me loads of kindling but is a bit chary of allowing free use of the wood for the house!



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Getting in the swing with the Kotlich

Just practicing, 35lbs of Marmalade made in the Kotlich.  Tomorrow will be the real thing, with the Marketing Manager, who thinks he will be in contril.  We will be more adventurous making marmalade with both Ginger and Chili.  The Marketing Manager wants to make Garlic Marmalade but I really don't agree.  We are using 18 month old Ash offcuts, twigs and small sized logs, but they are still sizzling!  Had to steal a couple of logs from the house pile, dead Elm, which we cut down last month.  A good supply of free wood is vital for all Kotlich cooks. 


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It's Marmalade time again 

I've ordered 20k of Seville Oranges to cook up, in the Kotlich, with the help of the Marketting Consultant!


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The Hungry Sailors again!!  ITV Wednesday 1st February

Can hardly beleave it. The dear Hungry Sailorsare using the wonderful Kotlich grill this time. They are slowly grilling aubergines and making a wonderful warm aubergine, roasted garlic and lemon zest mash to dip their Naan bread in! Wonderful to see roasted/char grill vegetables in the grill. We have done courgettes and red peppers but not Aubergine.

grill roasting courgettes


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