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Alys Fowler with her Kotlich

Alys looks like a pro as she trips around her allotment with a sharp knife and a lovely enamel colander.  She takes a bit of this and a bit of that, all new shoots and full of green goodness.  She pokes her frying onions with a stick as they simmer and she keeps the fire just right.  Alys I'm proud of you, you make it look really easy.  And so it is. 

There are a lot of new shoots around at the moment, purple sprouting, and I have a yellow one, and my Curly kale is sprouting to and so is my Cavelo Nero. Shoots of Sea kale which I thought were done for are very tastey.  I've even found some Sorrel in the field by the river and we've had two little handfuls with our supper.

To watch this simple and well done clip of Alys cooking wiht her Kotlich just click on the link below.

Alys on her allotment


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Some information about enamel

All the enamel from Hungary is "fired" at over 600 degrees C. and fully vitrified.  So it is like cooking in glass.  They say dishwasher safe, resistant to Acid and Alkeline, enamel  over a carbon steel surface.  No use of lead or cadmium on the inside cooking surface.

Vitreous enamel has many excellent properties: it is smooth, hard, chemically resistant, durable, scratch resistant (5-6 on the Mohs scale), long-lasting color fastness, easy-to-clean, and cannot burn. Enamel is glass, not paint, so it does not fade with UV light.[13] Its disadvantages are its tendency to crack or shatter when the substrate is stressed or bent.  An extract from Wikipedia.


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Kotlich finds friends among Bushcraft Folk

JP, a bushcraft trainer and general lover of the wilderness writes on Bushcraftliving.  He will be using the Kotlich much more than his Dutch oven in the future.  He enjoyed the game stew he made with 10 guys in the woods. He discribes his Kotlich as "light, tough and easy to clean".  What more can you want really?

Read the review in Bushcraftliving


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We are Catch of the Day - Coast Magazine  Coast Magazine features www.  in the Catch of the Day section.  We are this months recommended web site and the Kotlich and tripod seem to be "floating their boat" in March.

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Transport collecting from Hungary on Tuesday 28th Feb

The snow  seems to have thawed and lorries are on the move, the Firepits are ready.    kotlich being dipped 

Enough firepits to sink a battle ship will be arriving in a  couple of weeks, at the Outdoor Kitchen.  That will put my new shelves to the test, even with all the re-organization  I don't know how everything will fit in.

Some Kotlich in the making.  They have been dipped in enamel, it is drying before they go into the gas kiln.




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