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The Family Guide to the great outdoors

guide to great outdoors, Gladstone Is the "Great Outdoors" so terrifying and unknown that we need a guide? I believe for many it is strange, dirty, cold and uninteresting.

 Those who don't know the countryside and grew up unable to enjoy all that nature has to offer will find this book a revelation.  It is easy to follow, practical, has several helpful illustrations and some good colour photos.  Each chapter is written by a different author, so you hope that it is their area of expertise.

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New Giant Kotlich in stock

giant kotlich New giant 20lt Kotlich in stock, just the job for a festival or large family party. I found it great to cook in and so easy to clean.

This Kotlich is made on a different scale to the 13lt and 8lt.  The strong arched handle is massive and the chain is rather over specified!  But you can rest assured that your carefully prepared recipe is not going to end up in the fire.  To carry this giant Kotlich full of wonderful tastey concoctions we have sourced a taller and stronger tripod 160cm.  It is a slightly different design from the 120cm tripod but just as stable, easy to fold into a straight bundle to carry to the beach, with small plates of metal round the base of each leg to stop them sinking into soggy ground and tipping.

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Curry in the Kotlich?

chicken on hanging grill I felt a curry season coming on. Time to spread the Kotlich wings and show everyone how totally versatile it really is. Not just for paprikash.

Where do you go when you want to learn some thing new.  Well these days you go on line, but I didn't need to because I had already met the lovely Rayeesa at our local WIRE group.  So eventually we chose a date and here I am on my first cooking lesson since my O Levels!!  Aprons on, hands washed a quick health and safety briefing and we are off. 

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Extreme Catering with the Kotlich

extreme catering with Kotlich Every extreme catering event must be in an inaccessible place, the top of a hill, down on the beach or in the depths of a forest.

This one evening passed the test with flying colours, one and a half hours walk and steep scramble onto Hanter Hill.  A two wheeled stable barrow and a small garden barrow provided us with the main means of carting enough food and drink plus cooking kit and wood, up onto the hill of choice.  Each of us managed a full ruck sack and the sun shone. After an after-noon of food prep, always vital when heading off to cook in the wild, we set of.  The larger barrow needed a puller as well as a pusher and even the dog helped.

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Bath and West - Tom MacCurrach

timber framerTom MacCurrach wins Bronze. Tom the timber framer from Taunton, is exhibiting for the first time at the Bath and West Show this year. 

You will find Tom MacCurrach timber Framing in the Woodlands and Wildlife section which is a small wooded area at the southern end of the showground.The bare bones of a Douglas Fir frame were errected in two hours the previouse night in pouring rain.

Those two hours had been preceeded by a frantic week to 10 days of planning, cutting, shaping and hewing.  Tom designs his cabins using the CAD system of computerised drawings.  The Douglas Fir, from a North Devon plantation is felled, brought to the work yard on a trailer, measured, sawn and each joint hand cut to fit its partner. Several pieces are carefully chosen for their visible position within the design.  There are two arched braces where the grain of the wood is following the arch.  The wood seems fairly fresh and scented with a mixture of pale pinks, creams and beige.

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