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Summer ideas with the Kotlich

jam in the KotlichSummer is coming and fruit is definitely looking good on my bushes and trees.  So what do I do with it all?

It is quite difficult to eat up all my produce fresh, so jams, relish and bottling it is!

Is there a drought? Is it raining so hard you can't get out to weed? Why are the slugs getting more of your stuff than you are?

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Is there an outdoor kitchen in any of the Chelsea Gardens?

outdoor kitchens for Chelsea GardensHow many gardens at Chelsea Flower show this year will have an outdoor kitchen incorporated in to their design?  Probably none!

I would be happy if just one garden at Chelsea Flowr Show had a full on, wood fried, outdoor kitchen of any shape or size as part of its display.


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How to make the perfect goulash - in a Kotlich


IMGP9323Kotlichcookingcomp.blogtopThis is the Goulash according to Trish based on the vital information handed over verbally by campfire cooks all over the Balkans. This is more a collection of ideas than a full blown recipe.

My Goulash is based on many Bon Mots, such as “This isn't a goulash it's got carrots in!” and “When you press the meat with your wooden spoon, if it falls apart it is ready ” and another one, “Well if you are drinking red wine with the meal you should have wine in the goulash as well.”

Felicity Cloake's perfect Goulash gave me the prompt I needed to do my own version of the perfect Goulash.

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Campfire breakfast - with the Kotlich kit

campfire breakast with KotlichBreakfast at Bredwardine Bridge last year was truly memorable.  Porridge followed by bacon with American pancakes and syrup.

Choosing a bright early morning with a hint of dew we set off for the shingle bank just below Bredwardine Bridge on the river Wye.  Our aim was to cook a truly scrumptious breakfast using our fire pit and wood from home.  This was to be real campfire event using several different parts of the Kotlich kit.  We used the Kotlich for the porridge, grill for the bacon and the clean Kotlich for the American pancakes.  Coffee came to the boil in an enamel dzezva and we were in Herefordshire heaven.

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What can I make in my Kotlich - Marmalade

Marmalade in kOTLICHMaking marmalade in the kotlich is an easy and cheerful activilty, especially if you have friends doing it with you.

Keeping all that sticky mess outside is well worth the trotting in and out with sterilized jars and chopping boards.  If you have a good wood collection you won't regret using some of it to make yourself a good supply of marmalade.  See here how we made 62 normal sized jars of delicious well set marmalade in half a day, with friends to help.

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