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G is for Game bird Braised with Apples and Cider


2 onions roughly chopped

2 thick slices smoked bacon or packet of smoked pancetta

25g butter

3 / 4 fresh sage leaves

500ml bottle of cider

1 pheasant, or partridge

bay leaves

2 small apples whole and unpeeled

First light your kotlich and get a medium fire going and hang the kotlich pan over the fire. Add the butter, onion and the bacon and fry until the onion is starting to soften. Add the sage and after a quick stir around pour in the cider. Push some bay leaves into the bird then add to the onion and bacon in the kotlich. Cut a slit all around the middle of the apples and tuck in around the pheasant. Season generously with salt and pepper and adjust the fire / height of the pan so that the liquid gently bubbles until your chosen bird is cooked. You may need to add more liquid either some water or more cider, to keep the level half way up the meat. (You can finish off any leftover cider with the finished meal)  

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