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D is for Dumplings

A summer day in the Welsh Marches and we walked up Harley Dingle carrying a Kotlich,
dumplings and kotlich tripod and bag of food. We found a small island formed by a split in the stream. The perfect place for a fire and a cook-up.

In our bag was some chopped shoulder of lamb (tossed in flour in a poly bag) , onions, carrots, several broad beans, small amount of celery, s & p, seasoning, oil and garlic. Matches, newspaper, sharp knife and chopping board, bottle of stock and I had also made some dumpling mixture before we set off.

We lit the fire quickly and got the hotpot going, I fried the onions, garlic and spices, then added the chopped lamb and carrots, other vegetables and some stock. We then spent quite a while gathering more wood for the fire. Looking under surrounding trees provided us with rich pickings. After about an hour I added the dumplings and then some small potato chunks . The hot-pot thickened nicely and was ready 1/2hr later. We stirred in 2 table spoons of extra paprika about 10 minutes before serving. It maintains it's lovely red colour if not boiled for too long.

NOW the Dumpling mixture

The dumpling recipe is 2:1 SR flour to suet, (you can use vegetarian Suet, or grated frozen butter), s & p, herbs and water to mix. I mix chilli into my dumpling mixture to great effect. They should be added to the the hot bubbling pot about 30 minutes before the end, with the lid on.

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