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Britic - The British Serb Magazine

Brit enters recipe competion, on ITV, with Kotlich


Trish MacCurrach, who spent seven years living in Serbia, is mad about cooking outside with her Kotlich.  Mad enough to enter Food Glorious Food, the new Simon Cowell programme, searching for the favourite UK recipe.  In a fit of enthusiasm she sent in her Pheasant Paprikash recipe to the judges.  The recipe includes pheasant, smoked ham, kiseli kupus, tinned tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, paprika, chili, cumin, rosemary and s and p.  You can find it on the programme web site and in the book, Food Glorious Food which is on sale.   read more


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Daily Mail  meets Kotlich!

The first show features Trish whose trademark recipe is pheasant which MUST be cooked outdoors. It is accompanied with a cabbage dish that is braised by hand – or rather foot.  (I think they meant bruised)

Yes, she actually leaps into the pot and dances on it, barefoot. Trish hails from Malvern but picked up most of her outdoor cooking skills when she lived in Serbia for seven years. ( I actually hail from Kington!)

So how mad is this programme? ‘Quite mad,’ says Loyd. ‘But in a lovely, endearing way. Not in a batty way. Although there is some battiness.’ There are hearty souls who catch their own salmon, do ‘interesting’ things with faggots and those who like to think they have invented an exciting new genre of cooking.

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Simon Cowell's Food Glorious Food

Here's your first glimpse of The X Factor meets The Great British Bake Off - starring Carol Vorderman, Anne Harrison, Loyd Grossman, Tom Parker Bowles and Stacie Stewart

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Gardens Illustrated Magazine

Shop Front

Never mind the weather.....

Cook up a feast in your garden with a Kotlich cooking set. Metal tripod with chain, 13-litre enamel  ‘Kotlich’ pot, and grill (not pictured), all for £108.44.

See all the pictures and read the blurb at Gardens Illustrated Shop front


The Hungry Sailors – ITV episode 6

The Kotlich produces a great goat curry with Dick and James Strawbridge at the helm.

Dick and James Strawbridge are sailing around the coast of Britain looking for local producers and growers. They visit a goat farm and then proceed to use the Kotlich, tripod and firepit with great flare. They prepare and cook a goat curry which was really appreciated by the crew and those who they invited to supper.

See Dick's recipe for Goat Curry


The best outdoor cookers

Rose Prince samples alternative outdoor cookers for you to move beyond the barbecue

Throughout summer we live in permanent conflict with bricks and mortar, and the instinct to bring the indoors outdoors infects all of us. Eating, sleeping, working – if it can be done in the open air, do it.

I pass gardens and see patio heaters, sofas and coffee tables outside – it would not surprise me if the neighbours took advantage of the good weather and moved the bathtub out to the centre of the lawn.

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Outdoor Cooking in Winter

Trish MacCurrach extols the virtues of cooking alfresco, even in the depths of winter.

My experience of living in Serbia for 7 years tells me that we all need an outdoor kitchen. At the moment mine consists only of a tripod, a hanging enamel Kotlich/cooking pot, a grill with three chains to hang from the tripod and miscellaneous enamel bowls and utensils. An outdoor kitchen can be anything from, what I have described, in a corner of the terrace, to a covered area, with maybe two walled sides to keep out the prevailing weather, maybe a partial roof covering, sink with running water, work surfaces and chimney.

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Alfresco Festival Kotlich

Campfire cooking: An alfresco festival for the senses

There’ll be more than just sausages and marshmallows sizzling on the fire this year, says camping convert Rose Prince  in the Telegraph. 

I took up camping last year. I never had a gap year and delayed doing much travelling until recently, by which time I had decided that beaches should have furniture and loos.Until my first night out under canvas, the longest I had survived in an al fresco bedroom was half a night. I was 10 and on holiday with a school friend in Holland. When she and Iannounced we wanted to camp out, her highly strung mother – enduring a nasty divorce and suffering abandonment phobia – warned we’d never last the night without her. We’dbe too frightened.

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Product Review-the Kotlich-from Green Shopping

Article from Green Shopping - From Serbia With Love

Q is always coming up with high-tech gadgets for 007, and I rather like some of the clever devices that cross my desk, but sometimes it’s the really simple things that turn out to be the most impressive. One such item is the Serbian Kotlich & Tripod that we used for our summer solstice supper here at the Sustainability Centre. It consists of an 8 litre double dipped enamelled cooking pot called a Kotlich and a twisted metal tripod with hanging chain.

It came with enticing recipes for moule mariniere, venison paprikas and nettle soup but you can use it for a wide range of meals from traditional Serbian stews (paprikas), to stir frys, corn on the cob, sausage and beans – pretty much anything you can cook in a pot over an open fire.

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