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About Us: our outdoor kitchen and campfire cooking with the Kotlich kit

water carrier and kotlich camping We are a Herefordshire based couple who are importing cookware from Hungary for outdoor kitchens and campfire cooking. 4 years ago we returned from a long sojourn in the Balkans. We had fallen in love, well and truly, with their campfire cooking and outdoor kitchen habit. Our stock now includes tripods, enamel hanging Kotlich/Bograc and colourful enamel cookware. Everything is suitable for camping and use on an open fire.

If you have not yet discovered outdoor cooking on a campfire, now is the time!

Whether you are regular campers or just like the odd trip to the forest or beach there is nothing like a campfire.  It is easy to make an open hearth and enjoy a gently simmering kotlich – your own outdoor kitchen - to complete the day out.

Since living in Serbia we have had a big shift in priorities. Participating in regular, serious outdoor cooking over a campfire has given us new ideas as to how we will order our life in the future. The summer heat pushes everyone outdoors to cook at their outdoor kitchen so keeping extra heat out of the home.


Your outdoor kitchen can be any thing from a fire pit in a sheltered corner of your garden to a large open sided construction with a roof, campfire cooking and washing up facilities and seating. When we lived in Serbia, we built the “outdoor kitchen” in the middle of the garden, next to the pergola where we all sit, there is space for grilling, hanging a Kotlich/Bograc, preparing food and washing up. It has no roof just the shade of a plum tree. Bliss!

I can hear you saying, that it is too cold in the UK for campfire cooking. It does not have to be hot for outdoor cooking. You just need a roof and shelter from the wind. When we have our own place then I will show you what a real outdoor kitchen looks like.

We have many other enthusiasms, most of which involve being outdoors,family and friends, writing, growing things, timber framing and orchards.

trish cooking outdoorsWe cannot imagine how we managed on our camping holidays before we found this tripod with chain and hanging "Kotlich/Bograc". We stock three different sizes 8ltr.  13ltr. and 20lt. All of them are called "open Kotlich/Bograc", have a strong arched handle, black enamel outside with a mottled grey enamel inside and a rounded bottom.

The Kotlich has now found many friends among Bushcraft folk, allotmenteers, it has even been on Saturday Farm with Dick and James Strawbridge.  Alys Fowler of foraging fame, has one in her allotment and loves to cook up her freshly grown vegetables as she works. You can enjoy a Kotlich what ever your space.  It is both beautiful and useful, two of the most important things to consider if you are going to buy stuff.

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