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Where to find us this year - 2017

Plenty of fun things in the pipeline, shows and demonstrations across the country.

If you are planning building an outdoor kitchen this year, follow my blog with regular updates on our own building project. Ours is small, uncomplicated and rustic.  At various events I will be presenting a workshop on "designing you own outdoor kitchen", You will find the dates and places here.

 Keep up with my blog.

My Stand at the events, outdoor kitchen.

Port Eliot Festival

Fish and Fire Port Eliot

We will be going to Port Eliot Festival this year 27th -30th July.

We are doing three workshops, Fish and Fire, (choose fish and fire in the LINUP, search our programme)  one each day,  bookable through the workshop barn or on line. Come and see how to use all the different bits of kit that you can hang under a tripod. All our cooking kit is enamel, easy to use and clean.

During each workshop I will be cooking up three different fish dishes with a certain amount of chaos and excitement. There will be things to taste at the end and I hope somethings to learn. Read more on the link above.

Port Eiliot festival


The Goodlife Experience 15th, 16th & 17th September

I will be returning to The Goodlife Experience 15th, 16th and 17 September,  again for the 4th time. On this occassion I am priveliged to be working with Olia Hercules. I think I will be chopping her onions! We will be cooking broth in a Kotlich and also making Lamb Asador. Olia has a new book coming out in August called Kaukasis and will be talking a bit about that. 

The Good Life Experience is one of the most friendly festivals I have ever been to. Every chef has to cook over an open fire now. That sorts the men from the to speak. It is a great family event with loads of workshops and activities, fabulous music all collated by Cerys Matthews. Your family will love it.

with Olia and the kotlich at The Good life Experience  

The Good life Experience Line Up


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