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Goulash supper Kington walking Festival Photo0504redspottymugspopupgrillwith_courgettespopupred enamel goulash bowls

festival wedding Kotlich video.

Kotlich set: Tripod, cooking pot, grill and firepit.


Canadian pancakesWould you believe the sunshine on Monday? The field in Gilwern was bathed in a bright light and we all had halos! It ws a memorable morning.

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Trish, Gen and Francesca at The good life FestivalCooking holding a microphone is almost impossible, especially when  trying to butterfly a haunch of Muntjac! Genevieve Taylor and Francesca came to my rescue.

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grillNever work with children and wasn't as bad as I feared.  Alice Smellie and her charming family welcomed me into their garden to learn to cook on a Kotlich.

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 We are a Herefordshire based couple who are importing cookware from Hungary for outdoor kitchens and camp cooking. We have spent the last 6-7 years living in the Balkans and fell in love with their outdoor kitchen habit. Our stock includes tripods, enamel hanging Kotlich/Bograc and colourful enamel cookware. Everything is suitable for camping and use on an open fire.If you have not discovered outdoor cooking yet, now is the time... 

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