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NEW festival wedding Kotlich video.

Kotlich set: Tripod, cooking pot, grill and firepit.


kotlich and tepeeFinding myself in East Sussex near The White Dog, Ewhurst Green I decided to pop in and see if I could find D and B of DP Tepees.

Lo and behold, both D and B were enjoying the evening sunshine in front of the White Dog and chatting up the visitors. This was a great opportunity for me to have a good look at the Tepees.  The evening was bright with late afternoon sun and filled me with tepee camping dreams.  I also wanted to find out how they were getting on with the Kotlich and tripod they had bought a few weeks earlier.

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kotlich at Riverside Shepherd HutI have been watching the rise and rise of the shepherd hut and now nothing will surprise me. Practicality and comfort.

What started off as a humble dwelling for a shepherd to use during the lambing season, has turned into something all singing and dancing.You can basically have what ever you want inside.

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jam in the KotlichSummer is coming and fruit is definitely looking good on my bushes and trees.  So what do I do with it all?

It is quite difficult to eat up all my produce fresh, so jams, relish and bottling it is!

Is there a drought? Is it raining so hard you can't get out to weed? Why are the slugs getting more of your stuff than you are?

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 We are a Herefordshire based couple who are importing cookware from Hungary for outdoor kitchens and camp cooking. We have spent the last 6-7 years living in the Balkans and fell in love with their outdoor kitchen habit. Our stock includes tripods, enamel hanging Kotlich/Bograc and colourful enamel cookware. Everything is suitable for camping and use on an open fire.If you have not discovered outdoor cooking yet, now is the time... 

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