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festival wedding Kotlich video.

Kotlich set: Tripod, cooking pot, grill and firepit.


Outdoor cooking with the Wild TotsWhat a morning with the Wild Tots of Gilwern, if you haven't heard about them it is time to discover what is going on down in the woods!

Wondering what was in that melange of tasties on the 20th May at Wild Tots? Well, below you will find the rough outline of what you ate and what was in it.

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KOTLICH shooting lunchThe Saturday before Christmas we arrived at our rendez vous, a shallow dingle on the edge of Hergest Ridge, armed with everything necessary.

 We needed to feed 40 hungry hunters, and had about one and a half hours to cook our prepared ingredients and be ready for the onslaught. This was our first shooting lunch with the Kotlich and we were hoping to prove that it really is a great way to feed lots of people quickly and well, out in the forest.

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Cerys Matthews sitting by the KotlichThe Good Life Experience festival definitely had something different about it. 

Charlie and Caroline Gladstone welcomed us as if to a week end house party in the country. The personal invitation I received immediately gave me the feeling "This will be a  different type of week end festival to normal".

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 We are a Herefordshire based couple who are importing cookware from Hungary for outdoor kitchens and camp cooking. We have spent the last 6-7 years living in the Balkans and fell in love with their outdoor kitchen habit. Our stock includes tripods, enamel hanging Kotlich/Bograc and colourful enamel cookware. Everything is suitable for camping and use on an open fire.If you have not discovered outdoor cooking yet, now is the time... 

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